Fan Guards for TPW Fans

We are manufacturing steel Fan Guards for TPW Fans for table, wall and pedestal (TPW) fans. The machines are fully automatic to ensure strict adherence to specifications and least dependence on manpower. All child parts are manufactured in-house for better quality control. The Fan Guards for TPW Fans are available in sizes ranging from 9 inches to 22 inches in diameter.

We have PLC-based 11-station transporter for pre-treatment line for powder coating. The temperature of all the tanks is centrally controlled by a hot-water generator. The process has online dryer with heater for drying the phosphated material. The worker will only load and unload the material, rest entire process including dipping time and temperature is controlled by the PLC, which ensures better adherence to specifications. We have a conveyorized powder-coating facility with a camel back oven. The conveyorized oven ensures uniform baking of all components and bottom-feeding into the oven ensures lower heat loss.

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